Ebesucher is the best paying autosurf traffic exchange you can find. Why? Because it is the only one that you can use 24 hours a day. Others autosurf website stop showing websites after a small number of websites. Hardly worth starting anyway. Another big plus is that you can boost earnings with click campaigns and paid emails.

Payout is very low, only 2 euro and can be done with Paypal. If you check the click campaigns on a daily base which doesn’t take much time anyway you can reach payout in 1 week without any referrals!

Some important tips if you decide to try them out.

– Use Mozilla Firefox for installing the addon, the addon did not work for me in Chrome.

– Do not try to cheat! You are only allowed to run 1 autosurf a time. The only exception is when you have multiple IPv4 addresses at home. But no regular person has that anyway.

– They do pay out! But getting paid out every 2 euro is not ideal if you want to keep payout costs under control….

– The website is not that user friendly but go to the members page click on tools and install the addon for Firefox.

 Click here to join eBesucher

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