On HideoutTV you earn mainly by watching ads that are shown while watching video’s. You can expect to earn about 2 up to 3 points for each ad you watched while watching video’s. Earnings depends on your geolocation but also on how actively you are watching. By switching channels from time to time you increase the odds of seeing more ads and this way earn better.

HideoutTV also has offers and surveys in case you want to boost your earnings.

You have to link your HideoutTV account with a HideoutTV partner site to get paid. Cointiply is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reliable website to transfer your earning.

HideoutTV is not a quick rich program but ideal to make some extra $ while taking a shower, going for a walk and so on and on. The video’s play automatically, but not all day long. You do need to confirm from time to time that you are still watching.

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